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The Healing Love crystal radiates soft warmth that flows through the meridians, releasing energy blockages and bringing a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind.


The Healing Love crystal supports emotional balance during stressful periods. It can be instrumental in bringing emotional issues to the surface and addressing emotional challenges, making them more manageable when confronted. It also clears the mind,  inspiring an overall sense of well-being, optimism, and physical lightness.


Healing Love Pegasus Golden Shadow

SKU: HL, Pegasus - 1152
  • Swarovski 30mm Pegasus Pendant Crystal Golden Shadow.

  • Vital Force intelligent pendants made from Swarovski crystals, are unique interactive devices created to help you focus, clarify your intentions, increase your energetic field protection, and support your self-healing and exploration.

    These elegant pendants have been energetically processed by Vital Force Technology (VFT) with a combination of various imprints from rare gemstones, crystals, elements from the Periodic Table as well as healing energies produced by master healers.


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