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The Schumann Resonance Joyful Balance crystal creates a sense of tranquility, upliftment and positivity.


Infused with Schumann resonance energy, it creates a sense of tranquility, upliftment and positivity. Its energetic influence provides the foundation for increased joy and balance throughout the day.


Schumann Resonance - Joyful Balance - Pure Drop Blush SM

SKU: JB sml 16022
  • Schumann resonances (SR) are a natural phenomenon that predates the arrival of humans on earth.  Due to naturally occurring electromagnetic activity, such as lightning, volcano eruptions, etc., standing electromagnetic waves of SR are formed within the gap between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. By wearing these crystals, anyone can have their own source of Schumann resonance energies and restore their bond with the Earth.

    Since SR frequencies align with the main wavelengths of human brainwaves, many authors feel certain that this ever-present natural phenomenon plays an important role in human well-being and growth.

    While the specific mechanism of how such a low-frequency of electromagnetic vibration’s affect human psycho-physiology remains unidentified, there is another SR- connected phenomenon that might resolve this enigma. The ionosphere consists of ionized air molecules and electrons, creating plasma. When this plasma vibrates in harmony with the electromagnetic waves of Schumann frequencies, it creates a subtle energy flow that penetrates all of Earth.

    During the last 100 years, due to the exponential growth of electromagnetic devices around the world, Earth’s natural cycle of “breathing” subtle energy has been increasingly distorted due to the introduction of different technologically created frequencies.

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