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The Success & Achievement Crystal supports the development of the inner energetic structures necessary to achieve success and manifest your most cherished goals.


This crystal helps to reach the required levels of harmony and integrity between your conscious and subconscious mind and your subtle bodies, makes this alignment happen and brings your energetic field into harmony with the Universe.

Success and Achievement Cosmic AB

SKU: S&A, Cosmic - 1366R
  • Swarovski Crystal Passions®, crystal AB, 20x16x8mm cosmic free-form faceted diamond pendant Cosmic Cut Crystal.

  • Vital Force intelligent pendants made from Swarovski crystals, are unique interactive devices created to help you focus, clarify your intentions, increase your energetic field protection, and support your self-healing and exploration.

    These elegant pendants have been energetically processed by Vital Force Technology (VFT) with a combination of various imprints from rare gemstones, crystals, elements from the Periodic Table as well as healing energies produced by master healers.


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