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SUBTLE ENERGY             
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Our mission at Energy Tools International is to improve life by

continuously revolutionizing our connection with energy.

In the field of Energy Medicine, we create scientifically verified 

energy-enhanced products and services designed to promote

optimum balance and enhance personal well-being.

We deliver these pioneering products and services for people,

practitioners, and businesses.



In the 21st century, many physicians would agree that the human body is a matrix of interacting multidimensional energy fields, and the energy movement between and inside these fields should be kept in balance to prevent illness or disease. ETI’s energy formulas help your body to achieve a state of unity between your mind, body and spirit, resetting your energetic system and thereby increasing your energy level, and aiding in the body’s self-recovery process.

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“After reviewing all of these patient’s results, whether chronic-degenerative, intermediate or acute, it is most interesting that the Energy Tools International formulas have an influence across the board, and regardless of the category or condition, we observed consistent positive responses.”

-  Jeffrey L. Marrongelle, DC, CCN.

“I have found Energy Tools International products to be the most unique, most creative and most powerful bio-energy products I have ever worked with. Using these products provide the energetic fuel that gets the body moving in the right direction.”

- Steven C. Davis DC, CTN, NMD


Optimize your well-being with energy infused products from Energy Tools International. Our scientifically proven proprietary formulas are real solutions to boost your personal performance and overall sense of wellness. Browse our unique product categories below, and try any of our products risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Over the last 25 years ETI created a unique and extensive library of energy formulas. Many of these patterns have been tested on humans, animals, plants, health cell and gene activity, showing a strong positive effect.

Dr. Yury Kronn (2014 - 2021), founder of Energy Tools International and inventor of VFT technology, has said, “obviously, we will not have clinical research on subtle energy effects until the mainstream scientific community recognizes the necessity to do it. Creative practitioners of energy medicine achieved remarkable results in using energy medicine tools separately and/or in combination with other healing modalities.”

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