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Vital Force Technology

Vital Force Technology (VFT) gives new properties to commonly used materials such as liquids, crystals, and other solids without changing their chemical compositions or physical structures. During 25 years of experimenting and manufacturing, VFT has found how to direct these properties toward the well-being of plants, animals, and humans.


VFT is a three-stage process comprised of (1) a white noise plasma-based generator and a specially designed set of filters to select the desired modulation frequency patterns, (we call them simply VFT patterns or VFT formulas) (2) computer storage of digitized patterns, (3) infusion of the amplified patterns into commonly used materials.


The infusion significantly enhances the properties of the materials adding to a wide range of their positive, desirable benefits in cost-effective solutions.


Dr. Yury Kronn (1935-2021), the inventor of Vital Force Technology, was a world-renowned scientist, author, and lead scientist for Vital Force Technology.

During the last 25 years, Yury and his team of research scientists and professional colleagues – also Russian-trained mechanical, radio, and quantum physicists as well as herbalists and health researchers conducted numerous experiments with different modulation frequency patterns using plasma oscillations.  It was found that depending on the plasma content and the oscillation parameters, these patterns can positively target physiological, psychological, mental, and spiritual human body’s functions via application of cosmetics, jewelry, consumption of beverages, and nutritional products. Animal and plants can benefit from this approach as well.

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