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About Energy Tools International

About Us

Our company, Energy Tools International (ETI) is the unique market leader delivering high-performance scientifically proven energy patterns made via our proprietary Vital Force Technology (VFT) addressing global markets of nutritional products, in agriculture, metals/jewelry, environmental care, fragrances/cosmetics, animal care, and many more.


Founded in 2000 by Russian Radio-Physicist and Inventor Dr. Yury Kronn, and President and CEO Constance Kronn, Energy Tools pioneered a new way of thinking in the medical and energy science field. This forward-thinking attitude and scientific approach, coupled with decades of research, has built a global company that is uniquely positioned to deliver superior quality products and services, offering all-natural health solutions to customers worldwide.


During more than 20 years of working with Vital Force Technology, ETI has been able to create a unique and extensive library of subtle energy formulas. Many of these formulas have been tested using varying scientific methods, showing strong positive effects in humans, animals, plants, the health of cells, and even gene activity.


Our mission at Energy Tools International is to improve life by continually revolutionizing our connection with energy. Through our Vital Force Technology, we develop scientifically proven, energy-enhanced products and services that promote optimal balance and personal well-being. We deliver these pioneering products and services for businesses, practitioners, and people worldwide. 


Our goal is to provide for the needs of health-conscious consumers via our Energy Medicine Products retail site,  to healthcare providers through our unique energetically infused products that are all-natural, non-toxic, and affordable via our professional site at Energy Tools International. We also offer customized solutions for companies looking to enhance the effectiveness of their own products, or help them to develop new products using our proprietary energy infusion services via Vital Force Technology.

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