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5G EMF Shungite Jewelry Collection


Experience the power of our Shungite jewelry collection, designed to reinforce your body against the adverse effects of environmental EMF pollution, counteracting the harmful impact of devices such as cell phones, microwaves, cell phone towers, and Wi-Fi routers.


Infused with our unique 5G EMF energy pattern you're not just defending better against EMF radiation, but also experiencing additional health benefits. This energy pattern promotes mental clarity, boosts concentration, decreases stress, instills a sense of security and confidence, and potentially improves blood circulation. Feel the reduction in stress – a crucial factor in today’s fast-paced world.

Shungite, renowned for its healing properties and extraordinary composition, is a cornerstone of our collection. With its high carbon contents, including rare fullerenes, Shungite possesses complex molecular structures that have garnered significant scientific interest. It is used in many areas, such as water filtration, mitigating the body’s response to EMF exposure, physical and spiritual healing as well as meditation practices.

Beyond its potential health benefits, it is also admired for its artistic appeal.

Remember to remove your pendant before showering, bathing, or swimming to maintain its beauty and shine over time.


Discover the protective and aesthetic allure of our 5G EMF Shungite Jewelry Collection - a blend of science, wellness, and sophistication.

5G EMF Shungite Protection Plate

SKU: 5G EMF Shungite Protection Plat
  • Shungite Protection Plate Pendant 30x40 mm (1.18x1.57") - 10 grams

    5G EMF Shungite Protection Plate Jewelry Collection

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