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Clean Sweep Spray is energetically enhanced to help clean, revitalize and nourish your environment.


Your physical environments have a real impact on your health, your emotional wellbeing, your stress levels and your whole outlook on life. It is important for your life and your well-being to create balance and harmony in the spaces you live in.


Clean Sweep helps to clean the environment of negative and chaotic energy, calm your fight or flight response, relieve emotional tension and create a sense of wellbeing and security. It can be used in clinics, offices and hospitals for cleaning the environment of chaotic energy and EMF pollution, as well as in veterinary clinics. Children with ADD and ADHD are especially sensitive to energetic influences and they respond well to the calming influence of Clean Sweep. This spray can be very helpful with dementia and Alzheimer patients, as many of them are acutely sensitive to their energetic environments.


Clean Sweep concentrate makes 32 fluid ounces.

Clean Sweep Spray

  • Usage: Suitable for use in homes, clinics, offices, hotels, or wherever negative energy accumulates by spraying 1-2 times per day or when necessary.

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