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Cosmic Eye Meditation Elixir contains a combination of energy patterns derived from a number of exceptional gems and minerals, as well as a special meditation energy pattern created for this elixir. Many users report experiencing this energy in their Third Eye almost immediately. For the serious meditator, this remarkable combination of energy patterns provides an illuminating but stable foundation to work from. The Cosmic Eye Elixir can be helpful in stimulating “out of body” experiences.


This meditation elixir combines the grounding, protective, and stabilizing influence of Obsidian energy pattern with the highly spiritual qualities of Blue Jasper , sometimes called the “Stone for Global Awareness”. The Herkimer Diamond energy pattern enlivens and stimulates psychic abilities and attunement to the highest spiritual level, clearing the chakras and opening channels for spiritual energy to flow, thus stimulating inner development. The Green Fluorite energy pattern in this formula works to clean the aura and chakras, the Phenacite stimulates the Third Eye and activates the Crown Chakra.


Ingredients: Energy Tools Int. products use concentrated liquid ionic trace minerals in distilled water as the carrier substrate for the energetic formulations, harvested, solar-concentrated, produced according to the highest standards and kosher. This product contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring minerals and trace elements found in the Great Salt Lake, Utah and is structured with specific VFT energy patterns.

Cosmic Eye Meditation Elixir

SKU: Cosmic Eye - 1370R
  • Whether you’re an experienced or beginning meditator, Energy Tools’ Meditation Enhancement Products can help you quickly get deep “into the zone” and stay there. Our meditation elixirs:

    • Help balance the mind/body connection
    • Speed up the process of relaxation
    • Help you deepen and master the meditative state


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