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We have combined the energy patterns of Chakra Cleansing and Protection, Inner Peace, and Alchemy of Transformation to create this beautiful Selenite Meditation Heart crystal.


This Selenite Meditation Heart crystal helps balance the mind/body connection, speeds up the calming down process, aids you in deepening and mastering the meditative state, as well as helping to harmonize the interactions between the body, mind, and soul.

Selenite Meditation Heart

SKU: Selenite Meditation Heart
  • Vital Force intelligent crystals made from Swarovski crystals, are unique interactive devices created to help you focus, clarify your intentions, increase your energetic field protection, and support your self-healing and exploration.

    These elegant crystals have been energetically processed by Vital Force Technology (VFT) with a combination of various imprints from rare gemstones, crystals, elements from the Periodic Table and healing energies produced by master healers.


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