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Water Alive recognizes the importance of our connection to water and represents a collection of the energy patterns of different waterfalls around the world as a healers’ intent.


Current scientific models of water have explained it’s many unique qualities. Water has a quantum-cluster-electromagnetic-informational structure, enabling it to perceive, memorize, transform, and release information between and among both biological and non-biological systems. This formula energetically helps the mind decode the information used to be in tune with its higher levels of consciousness and improve the body’s self-healing processes. It radiates energetic flow throughout, releasing energy blockages and bringing a sense of well-being by energetically supporting our homeostatic mechanisms.


Ingredients: Energy Tools Int. products use concentrated liquid ionic trace minerals in distilled water as the carrier substrate for the energetic formulations, harvested, solar-concentrated, produced according to the highest standards and kosher. This product contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring minerals and trace elements found in the Great Salt Lake, Utah and is structured with specific VFT energy patterns.

Water Alive 1oz

SKU: Water Alive 1oz - 6110
  • Dosage: Add 8 drops to water (up to 32 oz.) and transform “dead” water into living water and therefore positively impact your health, your higher consciousness and your connection with the Universe.

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